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To Be Continued is a new web series, based on the stories told in a collection of journals that were found, 21 years ago, in a pile of rubbish.


Written by a man called Dick Perceval, the journals cover the years 1925–1976. They vividly detail his student life in Berlin in the 1920s, his work in London in the 1930s, as a journalist and frustrated author, his round-the-world trip in 1937, and the extraordinary events that brought him to work at Bletchley Park in WW2. They record the turbulence of his first marriage and hint at dark secrets. They tell of love, loss, war, family, loneliness, ambition and disappointment.


To Be Continued brings Dick Perceval’s story to life using archive footage. A cast of hundreds is drawn from old Hollywood films, public information broadcasts, cine club creations and home movies to deliver the extraordinary story of the life of an ordinary man.


To Be Continued is made in partnership with Screen Archive South East and is funded by Arts Council England.

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