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The Perceval Correspondence

Back in 2012, when starting to search for information about Dick Perceval online, I came upon a press release from Bletchley Park Museum about an exhibition that took place in 2008, called Moving the Mail, which included a series of war-time letters between Dick and Sorina.

The letters had been lent by an American collector, who I tried to contact on several occasions in the hope of seeing a digital version of them. That never happened, but I came to realise that the collection of Dick and Sorina's letters was shared between several collectors, including the Spungen Family Foundation. I contacted Danny Spungen who very generously sent me digital copies of all of Sorina's letters in the Spungen Holocaust Postal Collection.

Here is one of those letters. I find Sorina's handwriting very difficult to read, and my understanding of German is basic (to say the least). If anyone reading this can understand the letter, do let me know -

Danny Spungen put me in touch with another collector, Ed Frasier, who sent me another letter from Sorina. This one was typewritten and I am working on a translation. He also had this interesting document, written in 1982 by someone called Tony Tudor, which suggests that complete collection contained 150 letters and envelopes. The document contains information about Dick's war time activities.

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